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We are very successful breeders/exhibitors of all three of the Griffon breeds in Ireland. Having campaigned 5 of our Griffons to their Championship Show titles in the last 6 years and are half way to achieving our 6th Champion this year .
The Griffon Bruxellois comes in 3 varieties and is separated by coat or colour .                                 The most well known the Griffon Bruxellois or Brussels Griffon is red in colour and rough coated.      The Griffon Belge is black, black and tan or a dilute of these colours and is also rough coated.          The Petit Brabancon can be any of the accepted colours but with a smooth coat 
All 3 types can be bred together but are show as separate breeds in the show ring .
Below are examples of all 3 types .

Irish Champion Toffs Rough And Ready (Griffon Bruxellois) pet name Rufus having been awarded the Green Star, CACIB,Best of Breed and placed 2nd in Group 9 .

Irish Champion Toffs Buttons And Bows (Petit Brabancon ) pet name Daisy having been awarded her 7th Green Star, gaining her Champion title and being awarded Best of Breed.

Irish Champion Lorial Sadie (Griffon Belge) pet name Betty.

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